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Heartfelt Thank you Notes

A thank you note is a nice way to express your gratitude to family and friends who were there for you during an emotional time. Sending a thank you note after a funeral might be the last thing you are in the mood to do, but the it is an important part of acknowledging the kindness others have provided.When it comes the card itself, you can either buy your own good quality paper and[...]

Planning A Funeral Sendoff is Not Just for Older People

No one talks about their imminent death. Death is that taboo most people tuck under the rug and pretend isn't there. Death is shunned. Death is he-who-shall-not-be-named. Death – well it happens, whether you want it to or not.One day we all end up taking the dirt nap, kicking the bucket, or[...]

The Importance of Funeral Education

One of  the most overwhelming and often overlooked topics of discussion when it comes to funeral planning is the cost of paying for a funeral memorial. While everyone knows that funeral homes exist and that they play an important part in remembering a loved one, death and funeral planning are seldom considered until the time of actual need.When it comes to any product or service,[...]

All Dressed Up...

Even in ancient times it was customary to dress a dead person in their best clothes. Up until recently, men were buried in suits and woman in dresses but this has been changing in recent years. If a man rarely wore a suit in life and always dressed in a casual manner, his family is choosing to dress him in clothes that are familiar to them. As well, somber colors were once also the[...]

Funerals 101: Educating Yourself About Funeral Arrangements

The topic of death and that of funerals isn't one that is as easily embraced as it once had been while Victorian era mourning traditions saw the embrace of funeral services and memorials, western society has since adopted a mindset of discomfort toward the topic of death. But while thinking of the[...]
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