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Transcending the Fear of Death

There is a medical clinic in the US that boasts it is an “all-inclusive, one price, full-service luxury spa medical health and wellness resort,” which specializes in providing not only “cutting-edge therapies” but “knowledge, information and tools on how to live well, particularly in today's aging and disease-ridden society.”The focus here should be on the word aging. In[...]

Tombstone Photography

Pictures are a great way to document graveyards, photographs make for beautiful scenic views of the cemetery as well as capturing inscriptions on individual tombstones. Sometimes it can be quite difficult to achieve clear, sharp photos of stones that are centuries old. Some stones may be easy to read up close, but if you want to capture some artsy, three dimensional carvings and[...]

Gifts for the Journey

It is customary, in some religions, to place gifts in coffins to be brought with them to the next life. These can be meaningful or expensive - jewellery that has meaning embedded in faith or lifelong commitment (for example, a wedding ring or military badges) is something that people generally put in. If the deceased is a child, then usually the parents would put a treasured toy in the[...]

Science Researching a Cure for Death

Despite our best efforts, death is the ultimate population control, and while some of us exercise daily, scrutinize the food we eat and follow a regimen to postpone, if not cheat our own expiring mortality, scientists are studying the effects of aging in an attempt to prolong the human longevity through life extension science.The phrase "curing death" is one that has been used[...]

Cryonic Preservation: Science Fiction or Cure for Death?

If you haven't heard the urban legend surrounding Walt Disney, or seen an episode of Futurama, Cryopreservation is the technology of freezing one's body in the hopes that technology in the future will allow for reanimation. This idea that cryopreserved people can be recovered in the future is still[...]
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