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The Original Mail Order Tombstone Supplier – Sears

Long before Sears introduced their Christmas Sears' Wish Book, and retail juggernauts Costco and Walmart wholesalers began crossing over into the territory of the funeral industry by offering discounted caskets, urns and floral arrangements, Sears had introduced a new subsidiary to their infamous[...]

How Frank Lloyd Wright Almost Built Daphne Funeral Home

It was in 1944 when a young funeral director named Nicholas P. Daphne made a late-night phone call to the world's most famous architect. His offer was simple. He had already opened his first mortuary in 1938, and just recently purchased a plot of land just west of San Francisco's newly built US[...]

Undertaker's Invention Revolutionizes the Telephone

It was in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1888, when Almon B. Strowger stormed through the door of his undertaking parlor and slammed the door behind him. To say that Strowger was furious would have been an understatement, but on this particular day, he had just learned that a customer had tried to[...]

Ancestors in the Cemetery

Cemeteries can be great places to trace back to your ancestors and find out more about your family's history. By walking around the cemetery you can find gravestones that can lead you to ancestors you didn't know about. You can come across little grave markers of young children and infants who died, but have no other existing records.Having a few documents and some old family jewellery[...]

Man's Best Friend, Even After Death

Over 150 years ago lies a heartwarming tale in Scotland's history of a man named John Gray and his dog, Bobby. John, who was known as Auld Jock, was a night watchman for the Edinburgh City Police, and was virtually inseparable from Bobby, his Skye Terrier.On February 15th, 1858, Gray died of tuberculosis and was buried in Greyfriars Churchyard. Bobby led his master's funeral procession[...]
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