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Hollywood's Near Death Experiences

There are many famous people in Hollywood who have had near death experiences. Most of them describe a white light, some of them hear a voice saying something along the lines of "it's not your time, you must go back". One thing they all have in common was their intense desire to go to the presence that was denying them. Some famous Hollywood celebrities have had these experiences more[...]

A Lyke Wake Dirge

Telling of the soul's travel and the hazards it faces on its way from Earth to Heaven, the funeral chant, A Lyke Wake Dirge has been used for many years as a poem which addresses both the corpse and the mourner.First collected in 1686 by John Aubrey, the origin of the chant dates as far back as the 14th century, where in Cleveland, North Yorkshire, women were said to have sung the chant[...]

Scientific White Light

A experience that came under great debate in the 1970s is still a hotly discussed issue as people pit science against faith during the discussion of the near death experience.In particular, the sensation of euphoria, accompanied by a white light sometimes in a tunnel, as well as visions of loved ones and deities. Scientist have performed studies for years on this subject to determine[...]

Music Floats for Near Death Experiencers

According to a study conducted by Dr. Joel Funk, Psychology professor at Plymouth State College in New Hampshire, close to fifty percent of people who have had a Near-Death Experience remember hearing music during their unique experience.Funk reports finding that most Near-Death Experiencers who hear music hear mostly "New age synthesized music", that they describe as"music with a[...]

Funeral Customs Rooted in Superstition

Many of the customs we find in traditional funerals today have their origins in practices started hundreds of years ago. For the most part, these traditions were initiated to keep the dead from coming back to life as many people believed in and feared these spirits. Some early cultures took drastic measures to eliminate their fear and keep their dead, dead.Saxons in England were known[...]
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