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Participate in a Funeral Service from Miles Away

With the evolution of technology and the amalgamation of the future generations becoming more reliant to digital technology – what with the ubiquity of social media easing everyone’s comfort level with publicizing our day-to-day lives online,  it seems, today’s traditional markets are being[...]

Recycling - The Afterlife of Medical Implants

As cremation continues to rise as an alternative source to the traditional burial, one thing few have ever considered is the remains of orthopaedic implants – from plates and screws from legs and skulls to steel hips. These are metals used for implants that range from medical grade stainless steel to titanium and cobalt chrome, and are produced from non renewable resources. However,[...]

Science Researching a Cure for Death

Despite our best efforts, death is the ultimate population control, and while some of us exercise daily, scrutinize the food we eat and follow a regimen to postpone, if not cheat our own expiring mortality, scientists are studying the effects of aging in an attempt to prolong the human longevity through life extension science.The phrase "curing death" is one that has been used[...]

Cryonic Preservation: Science Fiction or Cure for Death?

If you haven't heard the urban legend surrounding Walt Disney, or seen an episode of Futurama, Cryopreservation is the technology of freezing one's body in the hopes that technology in the future will allow for reanimation. This idea that cryopreserved people can be recovered in the future is still[...]
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