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Symbols of Death Story Excerpts

The Bird of Doom

The ancient Greeks revered owls and believed that the birds were sacred to Athena the goddess of wisdom but to many ancient cultures owls were associated with magic and darkness. The penetrating and unmoving eyes, the tufts of hair on their ears with resembled devil's horns, their eerie screech and their ability to twist their heads almost full circle have made owls a feared staple in[...]

The Magic of Monarchs

Every year tens of millions of monarch butterflies migrate more than 2000 miles to Mexico to get away from Canada's cold winters and they've been doing it for at least 10,000 years, according to recorded history. Their transcontinental odyssey, continues to amaze scientists as the butterflies fly to the exact same place monarchs before them have been. They travel at around 6 mph, but[...]

Albrecht Durer, "The Praying Hands"

One of the most popular religious symbols used on Prayer/Memorial cards is the "Praying Hands" by Albrecht Durer.Born May 21, 1471 in Nuremberg, Germany, Albrecht was the third of eighteen children. Noting his son's natural artistic talent, when Albrecht turned sixteen, his father arranged for him to apprentice with Michael Wolgemut, a well known artist. Wolgemut introduced him to[...]

Horseshoes are the Door of Life

In North America the horseshoe is by far the most well-known good luck charm, we see it constantly represented in jewelry, wall hangings and even furniture. But why do we consider this symbol one of such good luck? Even though many of us are fond of this symbol, most are not completely familiar with the origins and symbolism connected to the horseshoe.Traditionally, horseshoes have been[...]
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