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Google Accounts in the Afterlife

In the day and age of social media interactions, websites such as  Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and StumbleUpon have long asked for the creation of a personal profile. With so many user accounts floating around in the vast realms of cyberspace, it's hard to keep track of them all, but Google, has come up with their own solution of monitoring which accounts are still active and which[...]

SS4URLS TTYL (So sorry for your loss, talk to you later)

In an era where technology is an enormous factor in our daily lives - from utilizing computers for work, essay writing, networking and communicating - our social connection has been separated in physical ways, but has been increased internationally.With the funeral industry now adopting the trends[...]

Blogging Your Death

"Here it is. I'm dead." this is how Derek Miller's last blog post started. Derek Miller was one of the best known and earliest bloggers in Vancouver. When Derek was told that he had cancer he took his fight online. When he found out that his colorectal cancer had become terminal - he published that online too. When he died on May 3, 2011 it was not surprising that a posthumous blog post[...]

Randy Pausch - The Last Lecture

Here is a hypothetical question: What would you say if you knew you were going to die and had a chance to sum up everything that was most important to you? An old age question that had been posed to the annual speaker of a lecture series at Carnegie Mellon University, Dr. Randy Pausch, who was a computer sciences professor at CMU. Randy had been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer[...]
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