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Funerals of the Wild West

The days of Buffalo Bill, Jessie James, Wyatt Earp and Butch Cassidy are long gone but have been recounted in many western movies over the years, but how much do you know about the funerals of the Old West? These were turbulent times, with gunslingers starting duels on the streets of Tombstone, AZ, cowboys and Indians fighting for control of Indian Territory (present day Oklahoma) and[...]

Representing the Dead

“My name is Mark Roesler. For three decades I have represented some of the greatest individuals of the last century. If there is one thing I have learnt, it is that legends never die.” − Mark Roesler, CEO and Worldwide Chairman of CMG BrandsTheir names are iconic, their legacy undisputed, their fame, wealth and lifestyle envied by many and followed by all. They paint the covers[...]

Star Power Even After Death

With a motto that reads “The Capitalist Tool” Forbes magazine has become the flagship of the Forbes publishing and media company. Published biweekly, the Forbes magazine has earned a reputation as a major competitor to Fortune and Business Week, and while it boosts a prestigious slogan of being a “Home Page for the World's Business Leaders” and “Information for the World's[...]

The Continuing Evolution of Pet Funerals

In the Chauvet Cave of France, archeologists made a 26,000 year old discovery when torch wipes on the cave wall and footprints made by a child and a dog revealed that the child had been navigating through a dark corridor accompanied by a canine companion – the oldest indication of canine domestication.In the fossil site of Predmosti in the Moravian region of the Czech Republic, an[...]

Controversy Surrounding Pet Obituaries

“An obituary is, in many cases, a first draft of history. It is a miniature biography, a culture's recognition of a well-lived life. It can inform everything written from there on out; yet it is in the hands of a stranger. An opportunity to shape that process few people can pass up.” - Janny Scott, New York Times, July 8, 2001At first they were scarcely noticeable – little[...]
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