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Reenacting the Final Journey and Funeral of Abraham Lincoln

Sevenscore and eight years ago, one man defined the Civil War as a rededication to the ideals set forth in the Declaration of Independence. He spoke of the country's forefathers who were dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal and further created a new nation. He preserved the[...]

Lying in State a Deeply Rooted American Tradition

Designed as a tribute to Rome's Temple of Vesta, the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol has long been described as the symbolic and physical heart of the Capitol Dome. Surrounded by corridors connecting the House of Representatives and Senate sides, with the National Statuary Hall located to the South and[...]

A History of Presidential State Funerals

It was only 32 days after taking his oath that President William Henry Harrison made history as the first president to die while in office due to complications of pneumonia. Prior to his death, there had never been an established form for official mourning and funerals for presidents who died while in office, but it soon became clear that the death of a president required a formal[...]

Shoes on the Danube Promenade

To the unsuspecting tourist, many pairs of shoes along the banks of the Danube River in Budapest, may seem like an unusual and unlikely sight. That is until you notice that the shoes are cast iron and fastened to the ground. It will soon become obvious that the shoes are part of a sculpture which serves as a grim reminder of a dark moment in Hungary's history.The sculpture is called The[...]

The Paradox of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Funeral

Martin Luther King, Jr. presented a paradox to the existing political establishment both in life and in death. He had what amounted to a state funeral, for a private citizen. Hundreds of national politicians came to pay tribute to a man that actively protested against his country's military and[...]
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