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The Continuing Evolution of Pet Funerals

In the Chauvet Cave of France, archeologists made a 26,000 year old discovery when torch wipes on the cave wall and footprints made by a child and a dog revealed that the child had been navigating through a dark corridor accompanied by a canine companion – the oldest indication of canine domestication.In the fossil site of Predmosti in the Moravian region of the Czech Republic, an[...]

Controversy Surrounding Pet Obituaries

“An obituary is, in many cases, a first draft of history. It is a miniature biography, a culture's recognition of a well-lived life. It can inform everything written from there on out; yet it is in the hands of a stranger. An opportunity to shape that process few people can pass up.” - Janny Scott, New York Times, July 8, 2001At first they were scarcely noticeable – little[...]

Burying People with Pets

It is a common practice to bury people with their loved ones, whether it be siblings, spouses or parents. Another practice with questionable status, however, is the burying of people along with their pets. Over the years, various outlets have reported this occurring, either with pets in human cemeteries or vice-versa.In the UK, only about half a dozen cemeteries allow for burial of pets[...]

Can Animals Predict Death?

There have been many stories of animals doing strange things when there are abnormal changes in weather, an illness, and now there are reports of animals that can apparently predict death.A cat named Oscar that lives in the Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation centre in Rhode Island is known for not being particularly friendly and social around staff, residents or visitors. He was[...]

Explaining a Pet's Death to Children

“Any child old enough to love is old enough to mourn,” says Alan Wolfelt, world-renowned grief expert.According to researchers, children begin to understand the concept of death at a young age, although they may not be aware of it at a conscious level. At one time or another we are all faced with the death of a beloved pet, and for a child, this might be the first death they are[...]
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