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A Café to Die For

Located in the crypt of a central London Church, for two nights only, one café will serve the most deadly delicacies known around the world as part of a campaign to encourage more people to leave a gift to a charity in their wills – after all, what can be more influential, than someone who could be about to eat their last meal.Café De Mort is the quirky and potentially deadly new[...]

Hollywood's Near Death Experiences

There are many famous people in Hollywood who have had near death experiences. Most of them describe a white light, some of them hear a voice saying something along the lines of "it's not your time, you must go back". One thing they all have in common was their intense desire to go to the presence that was denying them. Some famous Hollywood celebrities have had these experiences more[...]

Want to Find Out When You'll Die?

A new DNA test that has been developed by European researchers is possibly bringing in a new medical era, but is also opening up an ethical Pandora's box.This blood test shows how fast somebody is aging, and offers the possibility of estimating how long they may have left to live. Some people may want to do this test, although most people would probably not be so excited by this[...]
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