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How One Caisson Horse Helps Grieving Children

Back in May 2010 a children's book known as Klinger: A Story of Honor and Hope appeared on bookshelves. It was the endearing story of young horse dreaming of fame as a racehorse but soon finds himself enlisted to perform funeral honors for fallen heroes while bringing comfort to their families.The story not only received numerous accolades from within the publishing community, which[...]

Identifying The Unknown Soldiers: A History of Dog Tags

It was during the American Civil War of 1861-1865 that the realities of war had begun gripping the world in more ways then one. With conscription leading to a militia draft, further spearheading the great draft riot of New York in 1863 to the rising death toll of soldiers, the realities of death[...]

A Song that Taps into the Emotions

For 150 years the military song "Taps" has been the world's most recognizable call signal to commemorate soldiers who have served in wars. Particularly played during flag ceremonies and funerals, and often performed on a bugle or trumpet, the song sometimes known as "Butterfield's Lullaby" or "Day is Done" has had a history as mesmerizing as the tune itself.As the story goes, it was in[...]
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