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Wear Your Memories

Jewelry can be very meaningful for those who are grieving, especially when the jewelry is a family heirloom passed down from the deceased.But what do family members hold onto when their loved one may have no jewelry to pass on? Buying a simple bauble to hold onto and saying it was bought in memory of the deceased may work for some, but there are several companies that craft specialized[...]

Gifts for the Journey

It is customary, in some religions, to place gifts in coffins to be brought with them to the next life. These can be meaningful or expensive - jewellery that has meaning embedded in faith or lifelong commitment (for example, a wedding ring or military badges) is something that people generally put in. If the deceased is a child, then usually the parents would put a treasured toy in the[...]

Relax and Remember a Loved One

A concern that troubles many people when considering cremation as an option is that unless you use an urn, a piece of jewelry ‚ or other receptacle for the ashes of the deceased, there is really no place to go and visit to reflect on the person's memory as you would following a traditional burial in a cemetery.Many of the more modern cemeteries have implemented commemorative walls[...]

Keep Your Loved One Close to Your Heart

In the past cremated remains were either buried, kept in an urn or similar container or placed in a columbarium. Today there are many new ways to allow you to memorialize and carry a remembrance of your loved one with you every day. These keepsakes also give you the chance to share your loved one with family members and close friends who have also been left behind.Jewelry has taken on[...]

Dying Patient Leaves a Musical Legacy

Sheri Swick loved her three kids and four grandkids. She wanted to leave something for them to remember her by. She was in palliative care in a hospital in London, Ontario when Jill Kennedy-Tufts, the hospital's musical therapist, agreed to help Swick record a legacy. The hospital and Kennedy-Tufts have used this program to optimize the quality of life for palliative patients and their[...]
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