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Estate Planning for a Blended Family

With almost all step families, one spouse or the other will bring a child or children with them, creating a blended family. While this is an exciting, fulfilling and rarely dull prospect to a second marriage, it can at times present special challenges when it comes to estate planning.It is important to identify goals and concerns, discuss matters with your spouse, plan for all children[...]

How Does The Probate Process Work?

After your death, the person named in the will as your executor files papers in the local probate court to prove the validity of the will. When the executor files will, they will also present the court with a list of your property, debts and who is to inherit what is left. It is after this information is presented and officiated that creditors and relatives are notified.During the[...]

Preneed Funeral Insurance Is A Smart Choice In Many Ways

With inflation influencing the increasing costs of products and services, funeral expenses can be saved through the use of preneed funeral insurance policies.Weddings, they are a major rite of passage but they are considered the most stressful moments of a person's life. From the planning,[...]

A Café to Die For

Located in the crypt of a central London Church, for two nights only, one café will serve the most deadly delicacies known around the world as part of a campaign to encourage more people to leave a gift to a charity in their wills – after all, what can be more influential, than someone who could be about to eat their last meal.Café De Mort is the quirky and potentially deadly new[...]

Donate your Body

Body donation is the donating of the whole body after death for medical research and examination. Formerly only offered to medical schools it has since expanded to include private programs. Body donation is a useful process for understanding the human body. Whole embalmed bodies are often used for research in anatomy and burial or cremation costs are covered by the institution[...]
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