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Preneed Funeral Insurance Is A Smart Choice In Many Ways

With inflation influencing the increasing costs of products and services, funeral expenses can be saved through the use of preneed funeral insurance policies.Weddings, they are a major rite of passage but they are considered the most stressful moments of a person's life. From the planning,[...]

How Long Does it Take to Collect on a Life Insurance Policy?

When a loved one dies you must submit a number of documents to the life insurance company before they can start processing the life insurance claim. A death certificate is the primary document but you may also need a copy of the deceased's social security number and even his or hers driver's[...]

Death Insurance Throughout the Ages

Historical scholars have often held the once thriving civilization of Ancient Rome in high regard for its advanced military and political skills, and scholarly studies, however, with such an advanced understanding of the fundamentals of logic, the Romans also had a vast understanding of death and disease.Realizing the importance of protecting themselves, cemeteries were placed outside[...]

Who Gets the Life Insurance Money?

What happens if you forget to name your new spouse as your insurance beneficiary instead of your ex-spouse and you pass away?Insurance products such as individual life insurance, group life insurance, RRSPs administered through insurance companies, registered annuities, non-registered annuities and variable annuity contracts all include beneficiary designations.North American courts are[...]
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