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The Many Misconceptions of the Funeral Industry

“The only truth in saying “All Publicity is Good Publicity” or “There’s No Such Thing As Bad Press” is the extent to which a company goes to remedy the situation.”  - Derek Land of www.thisisinspired.comThere is no other industry in the world that has had such a negative tarnish[...]

Floating Cemetery Offers Cruise for Cremains

It is one of the most densely populated areas of the world and recognized as one of the world's leading international financial centers. With a population of over 7.1 million, a skyline of glitzy skyscrapers, space in Hong Kong has increasingly become scarce. While developers are being pushed out of packed central locations, one London and Hong Kong-based architecture firm, known as[...]

Burying People with Pets

It is a common practice to bury people with their loved ones, whether it be siblings, spouses or parents. Another practice with questionable status, however, is the burying of people along with their pets. Over the years, various outlets have reported this occurring, either with pets in human cemeteries or vice-versa.In the UK, only about half a dozen cemeteries allow for burial of pets[...]

Dying of a Broken Heart

Everyone has heard the metaphor suffering from a broken heart, but researchers now say dying of a broken heart is possible.Researchers believe this scientific theory may be true after Derek Raymond, 67, received a phone call telling him his daughter Susan had died. He collapsed and died within 30 minutes. It is believed that Raymond most likely didn't die of a heart attack but,[...]

Before I Die, I Want To...

For many of us, death is an inspiration for life. It's that looming expiration of mortality that lingers in the backs of everyone's mind and while it's been suggested that the world is just too big for one lifetime, it hasn't stopped us from considering the things we want to accomplish. For that, we've been given an endless amount of suggestions of things to do, books to read, movies to[...]
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