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Reinventing Today’s Funeral Through Innovation

Every segment of the business world has a small group of change-agents who stand out from their peers for their innovation and willingness to adapt and change along with the needs of their clients. .The funeral industry (which serves nearly seven thousand family each day across North America) is no[...]

10 Resources to Help Pay for a Funeral

1. THE DECEASED'S OWN RESOURCESConsult the deceased's bank and important paperwork to discover if any provisions have been made for funeral expenses. Is there an insurance policy available? Is there a savings account with a named beneficiary or some other Payable on Death (POD) bank account? Has the decedent already prepaid a funeral home, crematory or cemetery for products and[...]

I Want to Be Cremated, Can I Still Have a Funeral?

Yes, a funeral and burial/ cremation are both entirely different things. A funeral with a viewing often proceeds the actual cremation or burial, so absolutely it is possible to have both.Some people do choose however to be cremated before the funeral, in which case an urn is used in place of a[...]

Funeral Processions

Laws for funeral processions differ by country, and by province or state within the country. Below is a list of the most general rules of funeral processions.* All vehicles traveling in a funeral procession must be accompanied by a licensed escort. Police were formerly common, but it is now not often in the budget. Usually one escort is assigned for approximately every 10 to 12[...]

From Furniture Maker to Undertaker

When the place was packed full, the undertaker he slid around in his black gloves with his softly, soothering ways, putting on the last touches, and getting people and things all ship-shape and comfortable, and making no more sound than a cat. He never spoke: he moved people around, he squeezed in the late ones, he opened up passage-ways, and done it all with nods and signs with his[...]
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