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Reinventing Today’s Funeral Through Innovation

Every segment of the business world has a small group of change-agents who stand out from their peers for their innovation and willingness to adapt and change along with the needs of their clients. .The funeral industry (which serves nearly seven thousand family each day across North America) is no[...]

The Conversation No One Wants - By Robbie Cox

Death. Unless it’s on the big screen or in a 500-page novel, no one wants to really talk about it.  As a writer, I kill people all the time - on paper.  I think of what’s going to happen to the character leading up to their demise and what happens to those afterward who are left behind.  It’s fun, because it’s fiction.  I control the when, where, and how, and when I’m done[...]

How to Talk to your Children About the Newtown Tragedy By Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D.

Once again we are faced with the traumatic, violent deaths of a group of innocent people, this time precious children in Newtown, Connecticut. I have been asked to provide some guidelines on how to communicate with children and teens about this tragedy. If you know of others who might benefit from[...]

After a Death Occurs, Take Your Time

When a loved one dies it is common for individuals to feel overwhelmed, confused, or to otherwise be mentally preoccupied, it is also at this time that some individuals are placed in the situation that requires them to take on some amount, if not all of, the responsibility for making final arrangements. It is at this critical time that I suggest that you take your time.When a loved one[...]

Sad Moments Can be Worth Capturing Too - By Rachel Wallace

With the changing trends of funerals, photographs can be a good thing.Some of the most poignant and historically memorable photographs have come from funerals. Think of Cartier Bresson's photograph of Gandhi's funeral pyre, the photo of JFK's son saluting his coffin in Washington 1963, the flag[...]
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