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Cemeteries Story Excerpts

The Recoleta Cemetery: The City Within A City

Surrounded by ominous neo-classical gates, a Doric-columned entrance portico and a labyrinth of richly ornate mausoleums – mixed in architecture resembling chapels, Greek temples, Roman cenotaphs, Egyptian obelisks and miniature mansions – intricately detailed with carved symbols of death-related images, Argentina's Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires is a combination of[...]

Is This The Oldest Known Tombstone in the United States?

The Pilgrims, freshly debarked from the Mayflower in November of 1620, founded a colony in Plymouth, Massachusetts which became known as "America's Hometown". Five years later a woman named Grace Berry was buried in Plymouth. Her tombstone tells us that she was the wife of Thomas Berry and that she[...]

Floating Cemetery Offers Cruise for Cremains

It is one of the most densely populated areas of the world and recognized as one of the world's leading international financial centers. With a population of over 7.1 million, a skyline of glitzy skyscrapers, space in Hong Kong has increasingly become scarce. While developers are being pushed out of packed central locations, one London and Hong Kong-based architecture firm, known as[...]

The Old Girod Street Cemetery and the Curse of the Superdome

New Orleans has a long history of folklore. From the legacy of the Voodoo Queen to the infamous above-ground tombs. The legends of the French Quarter and the tales of phantasmal phenomenon has been well established in America's most haunted city, but perhaps one of the most curious, is that of the[...]

The World's Only Pirate Cemetery

Actor Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow romanticized the lives of pirates in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies but in real life, many of these pirates were bloodthirsty tyrants and murderers and some of the most successful criminals in history.Ile Sainte-Marie, a small island off the coast of Madagascar was once home to more than 1,000 pirates from 1688-1721 and is believed to have[...]
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