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Representing the Dead

“My name is Mark Roesler. For three decades I have represented some of the greatest individuals of the last century. If there is one thing I have learnt, it is that legends never die.” − Mark Roesler, CEO and Worldwide Chairman of CMG BrandsTheir names are iconic, their legacy undisputed, their fame, wealth and lifestyle envied by many and followed by all. They paint the covers[...]

Star Power Even After Death

With a motto that reads “The Capitalist Tool” Forbes magazine has become the flagship of the Forbes publishing and media company. Published biweekly, the Forbes magazine has earned a reputation as a major competitor to Fortune and Business Week, and while it boosts a prestigious slogan of being a “Home Page for the World's Business Leaders” and “Information for the World's[...]

The Famous Last Words of the Famous

In the literal sense famous last words are the final remarks of a person before their death – it comes from a notion that during that moment between life and death, the dying person's final words will hold some special significance, perhaps reveal a mystery or ultimate affirmation. Rarely is this the case. These farewell utterances are often ironic comments or an overconfident[...]

The Price of Fame could lead to an Early Death

Fame, it comes with a lot of perks. The glitz and the glamor of stardom is the envy of many people, from the large paychecks to the adoration of fans. But for all the perks of infamy, there are downfalls. The invasion of privacy, the swarm of paparazzi, the bombardment of instant recognition and in[...]

The Tragedy of Daniel Dodge

One of the lesser known millionaires of the thirties was Daniel Dodge, son of John Dodge, co-founder of the American Dodge Motor Company. Danny, as he was known to his family and friends, owned a luxury lodge at Maple Point, near Kagawong, overlooking the North Shore of Manitoulin Island, in Canada. While spending time at his secluded resort in 1938, he fell in love with the telephone[...]
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