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Participate in a Funeral Service from Miles Away

With the evolution of technology and the amalgamation of the future generations becoming more reliant to digital technology – what with the ubiquity of social media easing everyone’s comfort level with publicizing our day-to-day lives online,  it seems, today’s traditional markets are being[...]

A Song for Ronan

Maya Thompson is a young mother, married to her husband Woody, with three sons; twins Liam and Quinn and their little brother Ronan who was born May 12, 2007. "The Journey Begins" was Maya Thompson's first online post, written after Maya and her sons returned home to Phoenix from a visit with family and friends in Washington. She was taking a picture of the three of them on her trip[...]

The Conversation No One Wants - By Robbie Cox

Death. Unless it’s on the big screen or in a 500-page novel, no one wants to really talk about it.  As a writer, I kill people all the time - on paper.  I think of what’s going to happen to the character leading up to their demise and what happens to those afterward who are left behind.  It’s fun, because it’s fiction.  I control the when, where, and how, and when I’m done[...]

Death at a Funeral - By Gail Rubin

There were two versions of the comedy Death at a Funeral - the first was produced in the U.K. in 2007 and a U.S. version was released in 2010 with an African-American cast starring Chris Rock and Martin Lawrence. The critical reviews favored the U.K. version as being funnier, although both versions offer good funeral planning lessons regarding preparing the eulogy, paying for a funeral,[...]

"And That's Me in The Box" - Jonny Kennedy's Story

"I'll tell you the story of my life and my death, " begins Jonny Kennedy at the start of a documentary as he introduces his mother and brother and himself, as he lies dead in his coffin.Jonny Kennedy was born in 1966 with an incurable and painful genetic disease called epidermolysis bullosa (EB).[...]
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